Guidance and Resources

This section details further resources to help your work with patient and public involvement.

HEI Challenge reports to download

Click on titles below to view reports generated as  part of the  PPI working group.

Guidance for Engagement in Education

National Resources

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement provides a wide range of information to support service user and carer involvement in higher education e.g. benefits of getting involved (for University, staff, public)

Your Voice Counts; how patients and the public can influence education and training to improve health and health care better skills better jobs better health

The Working Together, Learning Together toolkit is a flexible set of resources for people who work in universities in health, social care and social work departments and faculties who are currently developing the involvement of service users and carers in teaching programmes.  It provides advice and examples, which can be used to support the processes of engagement.

Regional Resources

Online learning resource - involving service users and carers in your teaching Developed by service users, carers, lecturers and education technologists at the School of Health Sciences, The University of Nottingham

East Midlands Principles for Practice; involving service users and carers in health care education and training

Guidance for Engagement in Research

Department of Health. Best Research for Best Health: A new national health research strategy. government/publications/best-research-for-best-health-a-new-national-health-research-strategy


National Institute for Health Research. Central Commissioning Faculty at NIHR Coordinating Centre: Patient and Public Involvement.


Lived Experience Network

A network of people with a shared interest in patient & public involvement in higher education, who aim to develop a critical alliance of people with lived experiences, students and academics for the purpose of enhancing and improving practitioner education, patient and carer experience and associated research in health and social care. ( contact Jools Symons

DUCIE - Developers of User and Carer Involvement in Education network

DUCIE aims to enhance the involvement of users and carers in learning and teaching through development of a support network for user and carer involvement development workers working with a wide range of health and social care professional education provision within UK higher education institutions (HEIs). Meetings are held two to three times a year, with email and telephone contact maintained in between through a jiscmail discussion list and online chats on the mental health in higher education hub.

Regional Voices

A national project connecting voluntary and community organisations with decision-makers, throughout England, particularly in the field of health and social care. Each English region has a REGIONAL NETWORK, which makes vital connections – linking voluntary and community groups with public sector partners. Regional networks are democratic, member-led organisations, providing channels for representation, information and leadership.

The value of stories

Patient Opinion is all about enabling patients to share their experiences of healthcare and by doing so perhaps change the NHS. Patients can give their feedback on their experience through the NHS Choices website.

DIPEx (Database of Information Patient Experience) Patient experience of health and illness is a resource, which aims to show what the experience is really like for patients, and their carers. A directory of UK health, disease, illness and related websites.

The Patient Voices Programme aims to capture some of the written and unspoken stories of ordinary people so that those who devise and implement strategy as well as clinicians directly involved in care may carry out their duties in a more informed and compassionate way.

Healthtalkonline is the award-winning website of the DIPEx charity. Healthtalkonline and its sister website, Youthhealthtalk, let you share in more than 2,000 people’s experiences of over 60 health-related conditions and illnesses.

“Ensuring excellent experience across health and social care: making it easy for patients to provide feedback on their care; trusted, independent information to help others find great care; detailed patient experience as outcomes for providers and commissioners.”

Box of Broadcasts - Watch, record, create clips, search for upcoming TV and radio programmes by title or keyword, compile favourite shows into playlists , share them with others, and link from online or face-to-face learning.

NHS England has led the development of an online storytelling resource hub which aims to share storytelling related resources for the purpose of driving storytelling improvements for the benefit of patients, carers and staff. Creating a revolution in patient and customer service experience using patient stories. This resource hub is aimed at supporting individuals and organisations to undertake storytelling activities and to develop storytelling programmes and services.

Patient Stories in NHS East Midlands and the East

"What’s the story? Storytelling within the NHS (Midlands and East)" communicates study findings, detailing the value and purpose of patient stories and highlighting how staff and carer stories are playing an increasing role in presenting a holistic view of the patient experience.