University of Leicester


The University of Leicester is consistently highly ranked in UK national league tables and is in the top 1% of universities in the world.

Our research has impact with the University ranked in the top 20 in the UK for research citations per academic.


College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology

We offer a dynamic, modern environment for study and research, built on decades of highly respected achievement. It's a track record of innovation we believe few can match. The College has nearly a thousand staff and approaching 4,000 students in its three schools, which cover the biological, medical and human sciences.

This means we offer a wide range of courses and expertise, with our quality recognised throughout the scientific community. As are our achievements, which include the development of DNA fingerprinting, vital advances in fighting heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes, and developments in forensic psychology.

There has been a Medical School at the University of Leicester for 40 years. Our experience ensures an excellent standard of teaching and a supportive community and our brand new facilities, the Centre for Medicine, provide a state-of-the art learning environment.

We have revised our curriculum to make it even more patient-focussed. Our course is designed to be clinically relevant throughout and integrates learning, enabling the student to acquire the medical knowledge and professional competencies that are essential to practise medicine effectively.

Our aim is to prepare new doctors to meet the challenges of health care in the 21st century.  Students will take forward knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will prepare them for the inevitable changes in practise that will come in the future.  The course is designed to provide the student with clinical competence to work as a Foundation Doctor, and the potential to develop along the curriculum of medical education into a compassionate, caring and skilled doctor.
Our course is approved by the General Medical Council and graduation will make the student eligible for provisional registration as a doctor.

Intercalated BSc

As part of the Medical degree, a student can opt to take an Intercalated BSc (iBSc) as a one year course after the second or third year of their Medical Degree.

We have a vibrant student community. LUSUMA (Leicester University Students’ Union Medical Association) organises academic, sporting, charity and social events throughout the year, as well as being a source of peer support.

If you would like further information or to get involved with our institution, please use the contacts below

Prof. Elizabeth S. Anderson