Education for Health

Education for Health was the first educational institution to promote the role of practice nurses and to provide high quality education to enable them to extend their roles into the field of Long Term Conditions. This innovative spirit continues to inform all of our activities, ensuring that we continue to provide high quality health professional education and training.

About Education for Health

Our mission is to improve the lives of people living with Long Term Conditions by providing an excellent learning experience for all, supporting the development of the knowledge, values and competencies required to manage Long Term Conditions effectively.

We aim to do this by:

  • Promoting our outstanding work and the impact and value of what we do.
  • Offering flexible learning solutions which incorporate innovative technology and support transformational change for the benefit of patients worldwide.
  • Developing, maintaining and managing resources to ensure the charity’s growth, capability and sustainability.

In January 2015, we formed the Education for Health Group, which incorporates both Education for Health and Respiratory Education UK.

Educating People

We are a specialist provider of Long Term Conditions education and training courses, products and qualifications.

This is delivered through our combination of:

  • eLearning
  • interactive facilitated study days
  • workshops which stimulate active, participatory learning
  • a range of products and resources that designed to support your education and training experience
  • bespoke projects.

We adapt and deliver our training courses and programmes right across the world. Most of our training takes place in the UK and Ireland, however recent countries visited by our trainers include Denmark, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, as well as a partnership with Hong Kong Health Authority which brings groups of expert nurses to Warwick for highly skilled training and professional development.

Our website has more information about our free eLearning resources and information about all of our courses

We are keen to demonstrate that our education has a positive impact, and we are constantly revising how we evaluate and measure this.

We have produced robust research evidence to prove that our education and training can lead to measurable improvements in the quality of health services and an increase in the confidence and competence of health professionals as well as improvements in the health outcomes of patients with Long Term Conditions.

Taking Action

Our innovative spirit continues to inform all of our activities, ensuring that we continue to provide high quality health professional education and training.

We advocate the importance of continuous professional education in raising quality standards and in sustaining a world class health service. As more services shift into primary care, we continue to expand our health and social care training to the whole multidisciplinary team. We make it easy for you to organise healthcare training in your area, our NHS Liaison Team can support and collaborate with you to build what you need.

We work hard to anticipate the needs of an evolving primary health and social care workforce and are creating a growing portfolio of disease prevention, risk management and health improvement training courses.

We work in partnership with individuals, other charities and professional associations to improve patient care. We collaborate in research, helping to create a growing body of evidence for the role of health professional education as a lever for service improvement and developing innovative ways to disseminate research and to encourage evidence-based and guidelines-based care.

We are experts in developing educational events, materials and digital content which motivates and inspires adult learners to improve their care of patients. Our Creative Healthcare Learning Solutions team can tailor and develop entirely bespoke education and training to suit the needs of individual organisations.

We reach out to work with people in a number of different ways; there are opportunities for people to work with us and become an employee, a Trainer, a marker or a volunteer at Education for Health. We also have a Patient Advisory Group and are always keen to include new voices.

Transforming Lives

We aim to provide a great learning experience, and create a positivity among our students that will lead to a change in practice. This is borne out by the fantastic student feedback we receive from our study days and workshops, when students tell us they feel empowered and ready to make a difference.

“I have really enjoyed this informative session on Dementia, I am now able to implement change at work.” Student, Dementia Workshop, December 2014.

“Excellent. Passionate, wide range of presentation methods and an inspirational level of evidence based knowledge.” Student, COPD Level 6 module, September 2014.

Education for Health willingly and enthusiastically shares our knowledge and experience with any individual, group or organisation across the globe where doing so will have an impact on improved patient care.


We are constantly acquiring new knowledge which we seek to share to benefit others. With our Clinical academic staff active on more than 37 advisory boards, working groups and improvement projects, we are working to raise the education agenda and to influence and anticipate changes in patient care.

Our focus on this activity has allowed us to influence at a national and international level key NHS reports, policy, recommendations and NICE Guidance. Each piece of advocacy activity undertaken by Education for Health is judged on its ability to achieve the following aims:

  • Disseminate clinical guidelines
  • Develop workforce/ clinical competencies
  • Raise awareness of Long Term Conditions (LTCs)
  • Promote/ influence/ lobby for CPD
  • Promote research based practice
  • Consult, develop and deliver evidence-based LTC education sustainably.

If you would like further information or to get involved with our institution, please use the contacts below

Rhian Last

Telephone: 01926 838 969