Woman(kind)ness, strength and resilience: a celebration of women worldwide (7-11 March 2016).

Dr Ines Varela-Silva, PhD
Loughborough University
Patient and Public Involvement


Photo/literary/musical and theatrical events celebrating women worldwide, raising awareness for women’s roles in different sociocultural environments, highlighting shortcomings rooted in gender inequalities, and proposing creative way towards gender equity and equality. Health outcomes will be highlighted to emphasise the research we do at the School. In collaboration with Charnwood Arts and the Athena Swan University Committee.

What are the Aims?

To disseminate the research several members of the SSEHS and other Schools within Loughborough University do using art and other creative means.  The goal is to engage the Loughborough/Leicestershire community in the outcomes of our research, raising awareness to gender, equality and diversity issues.

Who was/is involved?

Ines Varela-Silva (SSEHS) in collaboration with Charnwood Arts (Kev Ryan)

School of English and Drama (Mick Mangan)

WEDC (Julie Fisher)

MINA Project (Multi-university nutrition and ageing research project – PI at University of Birmingham)

Born in Bradford Study (via Dr Emily Petherick)

What has changed/will change?

Raising awareness for the research using art tools to engage the general public is a positive change per se. Loughborough University needs a great deal more of initiatives that bring townspeople and pupils from the local schools to events on campus. We will have photo exhibitions throughout the week, a music/theatre performance, and public talks. We will be gathering feedback from the public.

What lessons have we learnt?

I have been doing multimedia exhibitions to highlight my research since 2012 very successfully. As the Director of The Maya Project (a Loughborough University Social Enterprise project) I have been sharing my research in schools, Museums, Teachers’ Associations and Municipalities. This is an extension of what we do at The Maya Project.

Contact details

Ines Varela-Silva, PhD (m.i.o.varela-silva@lboro.ac.uk), 01509 228164

Links to further information and resources

Charnwood Arts – Kev Ryan (kevr@charnwoodarts.com)

Athena Swan Committee - Dr Fehmidah Munir (f.munir@lboro.ac.uk)

An online summary of the week can be found here: