Use of Skype for Interviewing applicants

School of Nursing & Midwifery, School of Pharmacy, School of Applied Social Sciences, School of Allied Health Sciences
De Montfort University Leicester
Innovative Deployment of Technologies


We have developed a system for interviewing applicants via Skype where it is difficult for them to attend an on-site event due to their location. We have a dedicated facility that can be booked out by interview teams. Academic colleagues have developed alternative formats for the interview to allow for a comparable interview experience.

What are the Aims?

To allow access to interview in an alternative format for applicants that live outside of mainland UK.

Who was/is involved?

Applicants to undergraduate & postgraduate programmes

What has changed/will change?

Provides access to interview for applicants outside of mainland UK who would have previously been expected to travel to the University for their interview.

What lessons have we learnt?

The take up of this method has grown rapidly since it was formalised at the start of this application cycle with an increase in use by both academic colleagues and applicants.

Contact details

Karen O'Brien-Barrett, Admissions Manager, Health & Life Sciences