Use of response technologies

De Montfort University Leicester
Innovative Deployment of Technologies


Use of voting response technologies, including TurningPoint handsets and Participoll mobile phone voting site.

What are the Aims?

Learner engagement and usefulness of instant feedback.

Who was/is involved?

What has changed/will change?

What lessons have we learnt?

These technologies are used in several ways:

  • During induction week, we use TurningPoint as part of an introduction to the course / professional expectations. This allows students who do not know one another to participate without the fear of seeming foolish to their new peer group.  This format allows us to explore and discuss perceptions about the course / professional expectations
  • In year 1 ethics seminars, we use TurningPoint for students to respond to a series of ethical dilemmas (“what would you do?”)  Again, this allows students to feel comfortable in sharing their views and allows for a more in-depth, and targeted, conversation about the cases
  • In year 2 and year 4 law tutorials, we use TurningPoint to gauge students’ knowledge and understanding of the concepts, allowing class time to be spent wisely, concentrating on areas of difficulty

We use Participoll in place of TurningPoint in larger class environments, such as lecture theatres.  This allows us to utilise the benefits of these technologies without the risk of loss of hardware.