Teaching in large spaces, web app ‘Classroom response system’

De Montfort University Leicester
Innovative Deployment of Technologies


When delivering lectures to large numbers of students the opportunity to invite the audience to respond to questions is limited to raising hands and shouting out answers. The Answergarden [https://answergarden.ch/ ] web application was deployed to overcome this.  At the start of the lecture students are invited to participate in the live response opportunities, they are assured their comments are anonymous. During the lecture at key points in the presentation students are offered with a question on the lecture slide and given time to respond to the question, the tutor refreshed the web page showing the responses periodically during the question time and addresses key and contentious points elaborating on the students’ contributions in context to the session topic. The live answers remain available for the duration of the module delivery providing students with the opportunity to contribute online after the lecture has ended, students can also capture the collective responses for their own notes.

What are the Aims?

Within a large group teaching environment (Lecture),  provide students with an opportunity to respond en masse and individually and anonymously to questions posed by the tutor, via the use of a mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc).

Who was/is involved?

Pre-registration nursing students

What has changed/will change?

Affords the opportunity for audience participation individual and en masse responses during a large lecture.

Removes the reliance on institutional supplied hardware technology deployed within the classroom. Provides students with the opportunity to engage with and capture the content following the lecture.

What lessons have we learnt?

Students and tutor have found this beneficial activity during large lecture delivery.