Quality improvement for undergraduate students

Claire Carter
University of Derby
Quality Improvement in research and education


This is an educational development opportunity for students, to allow them a real life perspective of quality improvement in practice.

What are the Aims?

This module is designed to enable the students to build their skills and knowledge to allow them to try out a small scale change or service improvement in real life – they are supported in this goal with visits to hosts in a practice environment in order to develop a group quality improvement project.

Who was/is involved?

The module leader, clinical colleagues in practice settings from collaborating trusts and organisations and pre-qualifying students from a range of health care programmes.

What has changed/will change?

Feedback from the projects which includes a poster developed by the students, is passed to the organisation for them to review and potentially undertake the ideas and suggestions.

What lessons have we learnt?

It is important for students to develop skills in quality improvement in their programme of study that will help them to make changes for the benefit of the service and the patients and to really help them towards an understanding of the importance of quality improvement. We also know that it is crucial to have good partnership working with practice to allow these important learning opportunities.

To help the students who are in an early stage of their course we have also developed some support materials with previous students this also demonstrates the level of learning and the impact.

You can view this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDQVt9StJto

Contact details

Claire Carter

University of Derby

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