Patient and Public Involvement Event, 1st October 2015

Kristen Clements and Alison Stanley (Loughborough University) and Rhian Last (Education for Health)
Loughborough University
Patient and Public Involvement


This collaborative event was held at the NCSEM-EM, Loughborough University as a “kick-off” event of the PPI working group. The overall aim of the event was to provide a forum to focus and share achievements and help identify how universities can support developments in the future; locally, regionally and more widely. It covered a range of topics such as patient supported quality improvement, involvement and inclusion, and development of service users.   The day involved presentations, sharing of best practice examples, group discussions and break-out sessions around key topics, challenges and opportunities, as well as the opportunity to network and participate in physical activity during the lunch break.

Participating universities were represented by staff, service user and learner voices and people travelled from across the region from a range of voluntary and service user led organisations, including Healthwatch Nottinghamshire, British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health, Leicester-Loughborough Biomedical Research Unit, CLASH, Alzheimer’s Action Alliance, Diabetes UK and the Carers Federation. The learning from this and future events was shared at the HEI Challenge Showcase Conference. The event resulted in a meeting report as well as the generation of the 'Patient and Public Involvement is ACE' acronym, which emerged from a group activity. The collective learning from the event helped to guide an HEI Challenge resource: 'Principles for Public Partnership: a framework for universities engaging the public in health and social care education and research'.

What are the Aims?

The aims are detailed above and in addition the event  funded 5 small projects to the tune of £500 each. The outcomes of these projects were showcased at the HEI Challenge conference in June 2016. The event also brought the HEI Challenge PPI working group together for the first time to understand and share best-practice from those people in the room. 

Who was/is involved?

Around 60 attendees from Universities, service users and voluntary sector organisations.

For more information please see the short video at the following link:

What has changed/will change?

The event acted as a catalyst for the Patient and Public Involvement working group of the HEI Challenge and broadened communications between the Universities and also the charities present. It informed the creation, and hopefully sustainability, of the principles for practice for public partnership in teaching and learning and research and development settings.

What lessons have we learnt?

That we are more effective when we work together! We all now have a better understanding of each other and realise that communication is key. 

Contact details

Kristen Clements, 

Links to further information and resources

Further details are in the Principles for Practice section of this website.