Online, open book tests

School of Science & Technology
Nottingham Trent University
Innovative Deployment of Technologies


Online tests are provided at the end of modules for pathology specialist subjects in the form of an MCQ and also an interpretive case studies. Students are permitted to use notes and other literature to assist in answering the questions as the focus of the assessments is data interpretation. The online assessment tool in the Virtual Learning Environment (NOW) enables the presentation of clinical details, laboratory results and figures such as morphology images, followed by a series of questions that are related to the case. Several different cases can be given for the test. The system allows for specific access dates to be set and time limits that can be tailored to individual student requirements if needed.

What are the Aims?

Enabling access to assessments for distant learning students.

Who was/is involved?

Biomedical Scientists

What has changed/will change?

The test provides a form of assessment that is highly relevant to clinical practice and investigations. It removes the need for paper based assessment and exam venue requirements. It is also accessible to students without attendance at the university.

What lessons have we learnt?

Students and tutors have found this an effective way of assessing the learning outcomes.