New research study – Grant application

Alison Stanley & Steve Faulkner
Loughborough University
Patient and Public Involvement


A focus group was held with the intention of sharing and discussing the study, patient participation information and the experience of wearing data collection devices. There was also time to discuss the potential new study with previous participants of a similar study. 

What are the Aims?

To involve patients and the public in research study awareness and study feasibility i.e.: Was the length of time participants needed to take part sufficient? Were the criteria an accurate depiction of the group needed to take part? Was the participant information sheet self explanatory? The experience of wearing the data collection devices was a key piece of feedback we needed to acquire.

Who was/is involved?

Previous participants in a similar study plus people who had expressed an interest in taking part in such a focus group. The disscussion was led by the lead academic on the project with support from the BIomedical Reseearch Unit administrator. 

What has changed/will change?

The research study participant information leaflet required some of the English to be clearer. The group shared the discussion amongst themselves. Valuable study and  information design lessons for future potential studies. The age criteria for study participation was widened as a result of the group discussion. 

What lessons have we learnt?

All research studies, however small, should be open to public and patient questioning at the concept change. The researcher, and students, learn from the patient/ participant and vice versa. It is vital that we realise that we cannot predict and generalise the experiences of patients / the public. 

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