IPE and year 2

Kirsty Hyndes
University of Nottingham
Quality Improvement in research and education


The IPE programme for all health and social care students in the University of Nottingham has been modified to included paper simulations of 21 case studies in order to engage all the professions in the development of interprofessional, evidence-based management of each case.

What are the Aims?

Collaboration between all professions in the development of an evidence-based poster that details the management of a case study (paper based simulation)

Development of team-working in the production and development of the management of the case study

Peer-learning where each small IPE group presented their case study to other groups

Development of communication and presentation skills

Dissemination of the results through exhibition of the ‘best’ posters

Who was/is involved?

Academic staff, service users and students from medicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy, dietetics, midwifery, sports rehabilitation and all branches of nursing.

What has changed/will change?

Students will present their posters at a conference in Nottingham (dissemination)
Future care of patients, clients and carers will reflect understanding of multi-disciplinary team approach (evidenced through reflections or case studies from future clinical placements)

What lessons have we learnt?

That each student can learn something new about treatment and management of people through collaboration with peers from the different health and social care professions.

Contact details

Kirsty Hyndes Kirsty.hyndes@nottingham.ac.uk