In-class polling systems for programme evaluation

School of Health and Social Care
University of Lincoln
Innovative Deployment of Technologies


Like most academic departments across the sector, the School of Health and Social Care has used standard module evaluation questionnaires for many years. The use of online polling systems in-class allows instant collection of feedback in a manner which allows further discussion and exploration of issues.

Students respond to both open and closed questions from their own devices, with overall results then displayed to students on screen. This allows for follow-up questions and general discussion to allow greater understanding of the issues

What are the Aims?

Use of technology to enable live anonymised student feedback and facilitated discussion around course enhancements

Who was/is involved?

Pre-registration nursing students

What has changed/will change?

Students traditionally complete individual evaluation forms, but may not always be aware of any further discussion or outcomes from the feedback. Live collection of feedback enables instant response and further discussion, and strengthens students’ sense of engagement in enhancement processes.

What lessons have we learnt?

In-class polling systems offer many possibilities for enhancing interactivity in class, but have been shown to be valuable in collecting feedback. Students find the system easy to use and appreciate the opportunity for whole class discussion.

In-class evaluation is particularly appropriate for mid-module ‘snapshots’ of student views, allowing more timely interventions.

Consideration needs to be given as to who should facilitate the sessions: whether it should be done by the module team, staff from outside the programme, or student representatives.