Dementia Public Outreach Event

Kristen Clements
Loughborough University
Patient and Public Involvement


An awareness day held at the NCSEM-EM, Loughborough University –in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK. Dementia charities such as Mind for You and the Dementia Foundation came along to chat with visitors and there were informative talks from Alzheimer’s Research UK and academics from Loughborough University. Visitors also heard about living with dementia from a carer’s perspective. During the day attendees had the opportunity to find out about exercise programmes that can be done in the home as well as being able to have a go on a machine to test their current fitness level. The Fitquest machine enables participants to try five short exercises to quantify their current fitness level and identify potential areas for improvement.

What are the Aims?

Awareness raising. The event, organised by the Dementia Research Group at Loughborough University, provided a great opportunity for carers, health professionals and members of the public to come and see the work being done in the area. 

Who was/is involved?

What has changed/will change?

What lessons have we learnt?

The event was hailed a great success and follow on discussions are taking place around various activities including the potential roll out of exercise interventions into the community.

Contact details

Dr Kristen Clements, or the Dementia Research Group

Links to further information and resources

For further information please see the research group website :