Co-creation of quality improvements in social care (C-Qisc)

Dr. Philipp Grunewald
Loughborough University
Patient and Public Involvement


This project aims at testing an approach and software for the co-creation of health and social care (H&SC) quality improvements. Focus group type discussions are facilitated by a third party (in this case the researcher) and practitioners and service users address the complex question of ‘how to improve a service’. The dialogue mapping technique will be applied by the facilitator using Compendium (an open source software developed for that purpose). The data gathered will be transferred into a diagram that shows pressing issues and recurring ideas that emerged in the focus groups. This centralised re-presentation (and main output) of the open innovation process can then serve as a basis for decisions about quality improvements, as well as an information resource for educational activities.

What are the Aims?

To co-create health and social care quality improvements through dialogue.

Who was/is involved?

Service users and providers of Local Area Coordination (run by Derby City Council) were involved in the co-creation process.

What has changed/will change?

A methodology will have been tested to systematically and continually gather and analyse service user-provider dialogue.

What lessons have we learnt?

To be seen once project is completed.

Contact details

Dr Philipp Grunewald, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University, (