MSK CLASH Loughborough pilot

Kristen Clements and Christine Thomas
Loughborough University
Patient and Public Involvement


The focus of the initiative was to involve patients and members of the public with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, in delivering a programme of activities. The programme involved animation sessions for children and young people and an exercise class and an information session for adults with arthritis in the local community.

What are the Aims?

We aimed to pilot successful MSK exercise and information sessions in Loughborough based on current practice in Leicester. The project sought to proactively engage people in Loughborough with chronic long-term arthritis to have a stronger voice in the health sector and wider public domain by capturing patient voices using video feedback. 

Who was/is involved?

The project involved developing partnerships with an Animation Community Group and a Physiotherapist. Managing to secure a free venue in partnership with a local Tesco Community facility, sealed the success of the patient participation project implementation. 

What has changed/will change?

The Animation Video demonstrates we achieved the primary output. The content demonstrates the fun and enjoyment experienced that was voiced by the children and the images of their ‘creations’. Individual children have grown in confidence through their achievements.


What lessons have we learnt?

Social engagement in both groups is a significant impact. The main lesson we have learnt from the project is the urgent need to engage all local GPs in any given area where similar projects take place. The impact from a clinical perspective is that the project has been acknowledged and identified for future health professionals to support us in the community.

Contact details

Christine Thomas

Dock 218, 75 Exploration Drive, Pioneer Park, Leicester, LE4 5NU


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