We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the HEI Challenge project and in the development of the website and supporting resources; in particular those who have shared prior learning and experience forming the foundations on which this has been shaped.

We have not intended to produce step-by-step guides to the themes of the HEI Challenge, as the nature of involvement for quality improvement will vary according to the context. Collaboration however is the golden thread, which binds effective patient supported quality improvement together.

Who has been Involved?

HEI Challenge institutions and each lead

Kristen Clements (Loughborough University), Professor Liz Anderson (University of Leicester), Jenny Ford (De Montfort University), Professor Richard Windle (University of Nottingham), Beverley Steele (Nottingham Trent University), Patricia Cowell (University of Sheffield),Helen Bywater  (Sheffield Hallam University), Professor Niro Siriwardena (University of Lincoln), Professor Carol Philips (University of Northampton), Lorraine Henshaw (University of Derby), and Rhian Last (Education for Health).

Working Group leads

Rhian Last and Kris Clements (Patient and Public Involvement) – Professor Liz Anderson (Inter-professional education) -  Richard Windle and Heather Wharrad (Deployment of Technologies)  and Professor Niro Siriwardena (Quality Improvement in  research and education)

Attendees of the Higher Education Institution (HEI) Challenge for Patient Supported Quality Improvement and Education in Healthcare - Patient and Public Involvement Event,

Loughborough University on 1st October 2015.

Brand Four who have illuminated the learning and resources from the HEI Challenge through their collaborations in developing the website  

This work calls for a great deal of commitment, enthusiasm and imagination. We extend special thanks to everyone who has helped to make this possible – to everyone who has shared their ideas and expertise so generously in so many different ways; e.g. through the steering / working groups , through HEI Challenge and related events and activities, through institutional visits and collaborative projects that have been established through the HEI Challenge. We thank also everyone who has shared their stories and examples of practice  through through the case studies and poster presentation and contributions at events from a range of perspectives including higher education, service providers (health, social care and voluntary), learners, patients, and the public.

Finally, particular thanks to the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network who funded the HEI Challenge project –  their generosity made all of this possible – thank you all.

Rachel Hawley, Professor Siriwardena and Sue Bowler